Hi, my name is Virgoleo and I believe we can create awesome things together

Virgoleo was born from an idea to combine my previous business experience in marketing & sales with my passion for graphic design and help you create a simple, elegant, timeless brand design for your company.

We can work together from stationaries and business cards to your website and entire web presence. Tell me more about what you do and together we can create beautiful design and make your business successful in only a few easy steps. 

Let's create together

My guiding values in creating beautiful products that work are simplicity, hard work, and staying true to the brand. Tell me more about your company and together we can come up with the best solution with great results.

Graphic Design

Simple & professional graphic design solutions for your service, product, catalog, business cards, promo gifts, and much more in order to create a beautiful and unique corporate identity.

Graphic Design Services

LOGO & Brand Design

Professional logo design for your business.

We can come up with a single solution or it can be made as a Brand Book.

Corporate Identity & Promo Gifts

Professional design for your business cards, memorandums, envelopes as well as design solutions for promotional gifts and product packaging.

Catalog & Brochure Design

Simple, clean, and elegant design for your products or services, as well as covers and customize pages for your book, magazine, flyers, or builtin.

Website design

Whether your business is new or existing, you need a web presence to let the world know that you are here. I can make your website stand out from the crowd with a simple, user-friendly design using WordPress.

Website Design Services

Website Design

Elegant, clean, and user-friendly website design for your business. We can come up with the best landing page design or the entire website.

Website Development

Redesigning your existing website using WordPress or implementing a whole new web page from scratch, as well as creating a webshop using Woocommerce.


Using keywords and publishing suitable content across your website, blog, and social media accounts I can help you to attract and retain your target audience and ultimately stimulate interest in your product or services.

UI & UX Design

The goal of the UI design is to create a compelling, beautiful user interface that elicits an emotional response from the user. A UI concept includes color schemes, layouts, typography, and the overall style of the product with one simple goal – to make an attractive visual appearance.

The UX design provides the best interactive solutions that are easy to use and delightful to interact with as well as a user interface design that is attractive, functional, and enjoyable for the user.

In the end, the results are simple – a product that people enjoy using drives business results.

UI & UX Design Services

UI Design

With custom UI Design for your app or website, I can help you with making attractive, intuitive, and delightful interface design solutions and visual experience for your users.

UX Design

Proper UX design will bring a delightful user experience through your app or website. It has to be easy, intuitive, and fun to use.

Suitable for all devices

Adapting your website for all devices so it can be easy to use on the laptop, tablet, or mobile.

And that's not all!

Additional Services

Product Mockups

Making high quality and brand-aligned images of your product can instantly help you with a more stylish elegant and desirable look. Also, your website will appear more professional credible, and trustworthy.

Interior and exterior design mockups

If you are looking for turning your office, restaurant, window shop, or any place you desire into something new and refreshing and you wish to know results before actually making some changes, I can design a plan that will assist you to visualize the interior/exterior model in a better way.

Mockup interior and exterior design can also be ideal for all companies that want to sell branding services of other facilities in order to offer them a visual presentation of the appliances they offer.

Printing Services

I can help you with organizing the printing service of your corporate gifts, flyers, memos, business cards, or any other material for your business based in Serbia.

"Only at the great height is enough space for wide wings"

If you think you can do amazing things and that your brand deserves to be unique, spotted, and awesome, you are right! I am here to help you with achieving your goals. 

I am inspired to work on bold projects and always strive for excellence in everything I do. Therefore, I am looking forward to work with people who care about customer service, aesthetics, and those who dream about moving the boundaries. 


Milica Luketic

Graphic Designer

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My guiding values in creating beautiful products that work are simplicity, hard work, and staying true to the brand. Tell me more about your company and together we can come up with the best solution with great results.